Why Choose Sole Moves Removals?


Sole Moves Removals offers a low-cost high-quality removal service for any home or office.

Any size, whether for single room, small flat removals or family home removals. We also offer man with a van services for deliveries and collections, local rates start from £60 per hour, this is all inclusive of fuel and the use of a extra large Luton van with an electric tail-lift and a friendly working driver. 


Our affordable rates means you can worry less about the cost of your move, why not buy something for your new home with the money you save?

  • Light Removals
  • Single Items
  • Storage
  • House Clearance
  • Removals


With many years of experience you can relax in the knowledge we shall look after your possessions.

  • Office Moves
  • Collections
  • Deliveries
  • Man & Van Services
  • Student Moves


You can take us at our word, if we say it we will do it!

  • Store Pickups & Deliveries
  • Office Moves
  • Office Deliveries
  • Courier Service

Utilities & Communications

We are not authorised to interfere with any mains services. Ensure that you have made arrangements with your gas, electricity and water companies well in advance of your move. If you have TV, telephone or Internet services, inform the suppliers of your move and make arrangements to transfer the services to your new address.

Vehicles & Registrations

The DVLA must be advised of your move so that your driving licence and logbook can be amended. See further information on the DVLA website (dvla.gov.uk).

Preparing to move

Dispose of all unwanted items, keep your freezer contents to a minimum, empty the loft, put garage/garden tools together, sort out any items which are not to be moved, arrange for the utility services to be disconnected, notify your banks, credit card, insurance companies, and rental agencies of your new address, notify your doctor, dentist, optician and/or vet and arrange for registrations at your new address, arrange with the post office to re-direct your mail, and prepare a set of labelled keys for your purchaser.

For the moving day

Safely pack valuable items and important documents that you will look after on the moving day. Prepare an information pack for our removal team to cover your new addresses, phone numbers and contact names. Arrange minders to look after pets and very young children on the moving day. Collect children’s toys etc for the journey. Put together a basic catering pack for the family at the new home – including the kettle! Give your removal team a spare key for your new address. The day before moving, set aside the items you are taking in your car, empty refrigerator and freezer, finish packing your personal items and verify that utilities have been connected at the new home.


and we will get back to you.